About Us

We bring together people, skills and training to help your business grow. 

About US

Passion-Driven From Day one

We are YOUR guides.

Passion into Profits was launched out of respect and dedication to small businesses and their development. Amanda and Shelley are both driven to help their clients reach their goals and enjoy the success in their businesses that they have been working towards. Get to know our team and take the opportunity to see the growth in your business that you have been striving for.

Meet Amanda Funk
CEO – Business Growth Consultant &
Certified Coach 

Amanda joined Passion into Profits with ten years of business management knowledge and brings fifteen years of marketing experience to the table. She founded her own marketing firm in 2013 and realized, she herself was not serving her passion. Amanda was born to serve and teach, in her heart of hearts, she was meant to help people discover and unlock their potential. As a result, she organized the very first Passion into Profits seminar, and from there her passion for helping small businesses has taken off.


Meet Shelley Hoffman
President – Networking &  Sales

Shelley has owned and operated a variety of businesses. She has successfully created and developed multiple revenue streams.
As a highly adapt networker and business developer, Shelley has the innate ability to see how those around her fit together. She has immensely strong ties to the community, which she skillfully leverages into lasting and committed business relationships. Her background in teaching makes it incredibly easy for Shelley to lead a class and track the metrics of their success.