It’s Possible,  turn your passion into Profits. 

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What do we do?

We help businesses just like yours.

If you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life, but are you truly in love with HOW you are working? 

This is where we come in. You are clearly a pro at what you love, but maybe you could refine some of your business skills. We work with our clients to help them really figure out how they want to run their business and build sucesss in a way that will actually work for them. 

Through mastermind programs, educational workshops and day-long seminars, we put the experts in reach, both financially and geographically.  We help you access the wisdom of those who have come before you to ensure your business not only survives, but thrives.


Passion into Profits was founded with Passion. Passion for small businesses and their success. 

We truly believe in you and your dreams. 

Connect with us and learn what it means to finally turn your passion into something that will not only pay the bills but see a profit. 

It will take a lot of hard work, and if you are ready to put in the effort and apply what we share with you, implement some great practices and learn from our experts, then you are ready to turn your Passion into Profits.



One on one support to tackle your business’s specific challenges, overcome any challenges and the hurdles that have been slowing you down. This is a more customized approach that will really help you to grow. 



Two hour – four hour classes are offered on a variety of topics, geared to small businesses and not-for-profits. Depending on the instructor, CE credits may be available. 

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Day-long events designed to immerse you in world-changing content.  Each speaker is hand-picked based on their expertise and ability to convey their message. These are not events you should ever miss. 


Passion into Profits

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Our Mission

From a position of service, we help Small Businesses and Not-For-Profits realize their dreams in a profitable and sustainable manner. 

This is not a farce for us. We are truly motivated by the success of those we serve. We work hard every day, to help our clients realize their potential in a way that will enable them to do more than just pay the bills. It is a calling we have heard and answer with passionate dillagence. We truly believe we were put here to help others live their purpose, and make their time here valuable to all. 

“If you have a buisness you must attend this seminar! It is a game changer and it has content for everyone to utilize. I am pumped to utilize my new fully stocked tool box of knowledge I received today. 

Crystal P


Happy Clients and Collaborators

We really are passionate about what we do, and it shows.

Today was amazing! I got to be a speaker for an amazing event and I also got to help all these people walk across glass while Thad facilitated a glass walk! Special thanks to Amanda Funk for putting together an absolutely incredible event!

Heather P


What an amazing day! I am so ready to start getting focused on my coaching business and what a great networking and teaching event, learned so much!

Andrea G.



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