I wanted to let you know, FB is now denying ads that represent the industry altogether. I just attempted to run one and was told it violated FB ad policies for “promoting false income promises of home-based businesses” or “pyramid businesses”.

This is what FB said when I tried to run a “like ad” or a Brand ad today.

So, what do you do?
(ps: don’t feel bad, I literally just did this)
Leave that language out. Talk to a broader audience and then niche out based on other interests. What is a common characteristic of your clients? Find an interest similar to theirs and use that in your ad targeting. It’s time to get “smart” with your marketing approaches.

If you need help determining what that looks like, visit me in our office on our Walk-in Wednesdays. Just pop your head in and let me know what your challenge is and we will work on a solution.

Why is this happening?

It gets more and more challenging every day to advertise on FB. This is why so many marketing companies are no longer offering social media in their service lines, and if they are, the prices are going up. Soon, outsourced social media will be too expensive for small businesses and they will need to go back to managing their own accounts.

This may likely be a goal of FB as they are hunting for larger advertising dollars and looking to make the platform more and more individually social. Which may mean, they want small businesses to manage their own accounts, and then still pay more in ad dollars as they learn how to navigate the algorithms.

It’s a win-win for FB, but it will be a challenge for small businesses.